Probably the world's most eco-friendly sneaker-brand Genesis - Surfing

The vision

Take responsibility

Genesis Footwear is a new sneaker brand that focuses on sustainability, fair labor practices and responsible use of our world`s resources without sacrificing good style or compromising on design.

Our drive is a better, cleaner future. We therefore process the highest possible percentage of recycled, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and, through our many years of experience in sneaker design and production, are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We can proudly say that it will be hard to find a sneaker with such a low carbon footprint. (To learn more about our wide range of sustainable materials, visit materials).

Our sneakers, as well as all materials used in the manufacturing process, are made in factories where sustainability and human dignity are top priorities. Through this approach and with every sneaker sold, we strengthen these companies and the idea behind it.

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