Bamboo Fibers

A new ingredient for our lining, along with recycled cotton and recycled PET bottles, are bamboo fibers.

Bamboo fibers are a new and innovative material. They have several advantages over traditional materials and offer an environmentally friendly alternative.

Bamboo is a fast growing plant that does not need to be fertilized or sprayed. It is also very hardy and requires less water than other plants. This makes bamboo a sustainable resource that can also be used to make shoe linings.

Bamboo fibers are very soft and breathable, which makes them an ideal material for shoe linings. They keep the foot dry and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, which contributes to a more comfortable wear. In addition, bamboo fibers are very durable and have a long life, which makes them last longer than traditional shoe lining material.

Another advantage of bamboo fibers is that they are hypoallergenic and contain no toxic substances. This makes them a safe option for people with sensitive skin or allergic reactions.

In conclusion, the use of bamboo fibers as shoe linings offers many advantages. They are sustainable, comfortable, hygienic and safe for the skin.