On some Genesis models, high-quality synthetic leather with a suede look is used. The basis of this vegan leather is a microfiber-fleece made from recycled polyester, conventional polyester, and polyurethane.

The difference between this leather and other artificial leathers is the raw material used and the production. Thanks to a special processing process, toxic chemicals such as DMF and carbon are not able to remain in the material and instead, only vegan solvents are added. Industrial pollution (waste, water, and exhaust air) is controlled according to strict guidelines, reducing carbon in the process.

Because the material is just as expensive as it is high-quality, the manufacturing process is complex and time-consuming allowing for no price advantages over traditional leather. The synthetic leather feels soft, is antistatic, durable, easy to clean, breathable, elastic, non-allergenic, and can be stretched easily and without wrinkles. Compared to leather, microfiber leather is more breathable, more slip-resistant and, apart from any cleaning that may be required, easier to care for.

For some time now, people have believed the stereotype that artificial leather is a cheap copy of animal skins and only imitates it optically. With our new, high-quality microfiber leather, we hope to shed a light on how beautiful and high quality artificial leather can truly be.