Fish leather from the pirarucu
The fish skin, which is normally disposed of as a waste product, offers many advantages. For example, it is unique in its structure and even more tear resistant than cowhide. Fish leather is very strong and has water resistant properties because it is rich in oil itself. As a result, Fischhaut combines an incomparably luxurious aesthetic with functional robustness. The fish skins processed by us come from the Pirarucu, a freshwater fish native to the Amazon. He becomes up to two meters long and 100 kg heavy, accordingly his multi-layered skins are large. The breeding of these endangered fish takes place in freshwater fish farms and is ecologically far less onerous than, for example, cattle.The fish farms increase the population of the Piracurus and give the entire region a stable and fair income. The further processing happens exclusively on plant basis. Thus, the tanning process comes off completely without chromium.