For part of this collection, we have developed on our own initiative a foam that comes from coffee waste at least 30%. We use this foam for the inner soles of the Coffee series. The pulp of the coffee cherry is used here, which is added as a dried and ground organic mass to an EVA foam. The organic material of the coffee cherry has excellent properties, which concerns a joint-gentle step cushioning, as well as very good thermal characteristics. The pulp of the coffee cherry otherwise remains unused as biological waste in the production of coffee and thus finds a use and additional income for coffee farmers. The soft foam made from 30% coffee waste is an innovative and sustainable material made from coffee production waste. It is produced through a process called "upcycling", where waste products are transformed into new materials. It is comfortable and provides good cushioning, making it a great material for footwear. It is also breathable and can wick moisture away from the feet, making it a comfortable material for everyday use. Another benefit of foam made from 30% coffee waste is that it is biodegradable and has a reduced CO2 footprint compared to traditional materials. This makes it a great choice for people looking for eco-friendly options. Using soft foam made from coffee waste in shoe insoles is a step towards a more sustainable fashion industry and a great way to reduce waste products while providing a comfortable material for footwear. Overall, soft foam made from 30% coffee waste offers a more sustainable alternative to traditional materials and can play an important role in promoting a more environmentally friendly fashion industry.