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The vision

Take responsibility

When we created Genesis, we wanted to create something special. We wanted to create a brand characterized by the love we put into our work. A love for footwear, love for details, and most importantly, love for our planet and people. With Genesis we give you the unique opportunity of making a free decision, a decision that has an impact on our world. To spread a message of being proud of what you, as an induvial, stand for. Wearing our footwear symbolizes that you care about yourself and everyone else. You express the participation to other people who suffer from global issues occurring due to missing sustainable behavior.

Our vision is to create footwear which is made from the most sustainable and environmentally friendly materials you can possibly find. By constantly traveling around the globe to find new materials we gained the opportunity to explore very unique materials only very few companies are actually aware of.

We visit plantations and manufacturers to get in direct contact with our partners. In addition to creating footwear from sustainable materials, we, of course, pay huge attention to our products being created under good and fair working conditions.

In almost all areas, sustainability is becoming more and more urgent. We as a brand oppose all the ecologically irresponsible behaviors of the fashion industry. We made it our goal to give people the chance of making a small, but necessary step for a much-needed change in fashion. With every product we buy, we strengthen our partners to provide them with resources to make them grow. To give them the opportunity to come up with new ideas, new materials for us to create something beautiful. That is why we donate parts of our profits to organizations we believe in.

Join the family and make a change. Be different!

At the same time, it underlines the responsibility we all have. We donate part of our profits for purposes and to organizations that we believe in and that have the same aspiration and spirit. We think that only a responsible brand is a healthy brand.